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I'm Koshka, but I also go by Mao from JiMao gaming. I'm interested in writing about, playing, and enjoying video games as one of my primary hobbies.

If you live in the south Florida area and you're interested in playing some video games and record the experience don't be shy about getting in touch! I have a pretty solid recording setup and I'm looking for people with good chemestry to to record commentary and podcasts with.

If you have anything questions, requests, tips, or you just want to chat send me an ask or email me at:







As a promotion for this year’s release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar has made all of the awesome radio stations, from every single GTA game that has had them, available for your listening pleasure on iTunes and Spotify.

The list of stations you can listen to is pretty massive. Check out the full list of stations here.


Fever 105 and K-Jah West here I come


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Quiet playthrough of Final Fantasy 1 (origins on the PSX) by someone who’s never played the game before. I hope you love watching someone learn a game slowly!



Dark Souls x Evangelion MAD

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Alright, here we go. I’m starting my playthrough of Final Fantasy origins (and then the rest of the FF numbered series). This should be interesting.

See. I’ve never really understood why people loved Final Fantasy so much. My tastes when VII came out were towards Tenchu, Road Rash, Driver, and Starcraft. I was never really interested in JRPGs, nor did I really even know what they were. I will say that I loved Legend of Dragoon (even though I didn’t have a memory card at that age :[). I was growing up playing video games, but I wasn’t really interested in getting into the industry. It was all about what friend’s were playing I think. it’s hard to remember that age.

Up until I looked up a really interesting retrospective on GameTrailers.com I didn’t really know much about the Final Fantasy series aside from it’s insane popularity, and there now being 13 of them. The retrospective really enlightened me on the history of the series and it’s evolution, as well as some of the charms that the games had to offer. It didn’t, however, explain why the genre was “fun” to people.

See, phrases like “Well if you just play it for 20-30 hours it starts to really pick up. That’s when you start getting the important systems in place.” don’t give me a lot of hope for getting into the series. Maybe my attention span is the problem and I just need to learn a bit more patience with video games. I just worry that the payoff, fifty hours in, will have me looking back in disappointment at how I spent all my time playing.

I did try to expose myself at some point to the universe. I tried a Final Fantasy Tactics game for the DS. The systems that the game introduced felt convoluted and a bit confusing. The combat moved very slow, and with the difficulty early on, I found myself losing encounters that I spent twenty or so minutes playing. I would then rethink my strategy, and in doing so, feel like I had messed up my composition from the very outset. I suppose it was my fault for jumping in a game that was made purposefully for more advanced tactics/FF players.

I think my only other, and most recent exposure was playing Vagrant Story. I know that Vagrant Story isn’t quite a Final Fantasy game, but it is loosely connected. I really find myself enjoying Vagrant story. I know it’s faster paced, and cut down a lot, but oh my I love it.

Anyway, I’m now ready to give the Final Fantasy series a serious try. I’m starting from the first and moving my way up. I’ll be playing most in ePSXe (emulator), and any others in a SNES emulator. I’ll also be recording gameplay from it. I’m going to start by just recording everything from the start in Final Fantasy I and then maybe making adjustments as I go. You can expect far too much Final Fantasy pure gameplay on a youtube channel near you soon.

If anyone is interested in joining me on this endeavor with tips, help, or words of encouragement, I would really appreciate any and all of it. :3

Thank you kindly,
Alex (Mao)

I made a website so that I have a place to put all my stuff. I have a long way to go before I know what the fuck i’m doing….


Robo5 is a 3d, block climbing, puzzle game by Animoca, a company that’s releases have mostly consisted of energy throttled pet salon games, a runner, a few defense games, and a few management games. Robo5 seems like a flourish in a very different direction for the Animoca.

Borrowing from Catherine’s block climbing puzzle gameplay, Robo5 seems to iterate on control scheme and has some minor fundamental rules involving manipulation of blocks. The real difference is in the control scheme which involves a blockcentric touch philosophy. Touching and sliding a block will have your little robot pushing or pulling that block in whichever direction you motion. Tapping on a block signals a move command, either to climb up or down a side, or to move from one block to another. The game really requires a certain rhythm to the pace that commands are entered. It ended up requiring a bit of patience, and with the fast pace of the game.

Once I settled in on the controls I had a lot of fun with the game. The game didn’t waste much time getting me introduced to concepts, but managed to have well paced difficulty curve. There’s a certain intensity to how each tower plays out. There was a real sense of accomplishment once I got to the top of each tower despite the fact that I felt like I was almost stumbling up each one, block by block.

I had a lot of fun, and recommend this to anyone looking for a puzzle game with a little bit of bite.


JiMao with Jak and Daxter part 1 :3