Koshka Gaming

I'm Koshka, but I also go by Mao from JiMao gaming. I'm interested in writing about, playing, and enjoying video games as one of my primary hobbies.

If you live in the south Florida area and you're interested in playing some video games and record the experience don't be shy about getting in touch! I have a pretty solid recording setup and I'm looking for people with good chemestry to to record commentary and podcasts with.

If you have anything questions, requests, tips, or you just want to chat send me an ask or email me at:


Didn’t realize the school I’m going to next year for my finance degree was number 9(!!!!) in the CSL Eastern! I attend PBSC (Palm Beach State College), which is affiliated with FAU, so I’m going to see if I can get in on this. I’m getting in touch with them now to see if I can at least hang out from time to time and participate in any way that I can!